Hornimals were a copyrighted group of whimsical animals.  They were made ofclay or ironstone.  The horns were made of porcelain.  A short book "                                             ", is available through Amazon and Kindle Books.  Click on the rectangle to see what it looks like.  The story is also available in "Legends: an Antholgy - Volume 1" also from Amazon.  And they are in a book of poetry, "                                                                   " also from Amazon.  The three armadillos in the lower right are the Texas Trio.  If you read the book, you'll find that their names are also whimsical, such as "Bembiforous Pug", "Dromedus Inebrius", "Smirkasaurus", "Girafallo", and their president, "Porkotomus Rex".
Legend of the Hornimals
The Butterfly Bush and Other Poems
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